Miracle Ministry of Roger Webb


  2011 will go down in Roger Webb's history as both his greatest challenge and victory. With two life-threatening illnesses, Roger was fighting for his life! Severe prostate issues, and later a football sized tumor in his stomach, and eight hard months of fighting for his life... Roger was miraculously healed. Without surgeries, chemo, or radiation, a miracle took place. The tumor disappeared, and his prostate issues reversed.

  Even in 1972 when Roger started his ministry, it was marked with the supernatural power of God. In the 1990’s after having two encounters with the power of God where electrical-like currents surged through his body a miracle ministry was birthed. 

  To date Roger has seen many incurable diseases and illnesses instantly healed in his meetings from - Autism, stage 4 cancers, crushed bones instantly healed, creative miracles to great outpourings of the Spirit where revivals breakout. Now after being healed himself, a compassion to see the sick healed, the lame walk, and many surrender their lives to Jesus Christ burns deeper than ever before.

Roger Webb

Roger Webb
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