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A note from Roger

Over the years there have been many revival meetings where we have seen great outpourings of God's Spirit and His wonder working power and grace. My only regret is I wish we would have chronicled so many of the amazing things God has done.

Plainwell Michigan Miracle Revival
Daily Updates

Miracle Revival Daily Update

Week Three Day 4

Tonight Roger had a great expectation for the revival service, not just because it was
the final night. As we were leaving the hotel for church Roger got the chance to pray for
the hotel manager's hands, knees, and shoulders. She had been suffering from arthritis
but, after prayer she immediately had no pain! And the swelling that she was experiencing
dissappeared also!

Being the last night of the revival most everyone in attendance wanted hands laid upon
them. Roger had everyone to open their hands in front of them, and he began to pray that
we begin to step out and be used by God to impact those around us. About 20 or so present
began to feel things going on with their hands. He had them come forward to the front and
stand. Almost all were feeling the same thing, like there was a large weight placed in
their hands.

There was a sweet sense of the Holy Spirit in the room. Most all there felt something
from God take place in them. It was a fitting close to the miracle revival that will be
remembered by all.

We'll be posting a recap in the next few days highlighting the miracles and healings that
took place during the past three weeks

Week Three - Day Three

For Roger's message tonight he spoke on what he sees coming for the church, a "hurricane" of the power and glory of God. Also, Several who were present recieved healing and miracles.

Present was a sixteen year old girl who six months ago had been diagnosed with scoliosis. She had been suffering with constant pain and discomfort but that left when Roger prayed also she began to feel a heat go throughout her body. After the service she and her mom went into the bathroom to see if she still had the curvature to her spine and it was completly gone! She had recieved a miracle!

Roger prayed for a 91 year old woman who had broken her fingers, and they weren't set properly. The doctors had told her she wouldn't be able to close her fist completly. When Roger prayed she was able to close her hand with ease! At the close of the service she prayed to accept Christ into her heart as a result!

A Pastor that Roger laid hands on was healed of arthritis pain in his elbows. He had for several months been experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of arthritis. He was instantly healed and left with no pain!

After the Friday night service the revival will be drawing to a close after three weeks of impactful teaching and changed lives. Many people will never be the same again it's wonderful to see!

Week Three - Day 2

Tonight the faith level of all in attendance was raised to another level. Not only through the message Roger preached about us getting out of the boat in faith and moving toward that which God has for us.

But also in the report from the man who Roger prayed for with Multiple Sclerosis. If you remember there was an earlier update talking about this. He went to the doctor, and got the report that he's eighty percent healed! He said that he can feel God still at work in his body! So we're all expecting to hear that he's completly healed soon!

Many of those present were touched to during the ministry time without hands even being laid upon them.. just by the presence of God in the room. All in all it was a powerful service.

Until tomorrow thanks for your prayers.

Week Three - Day 1 - Tuesday

After having three days to rest and prepare for a new week of the miracle revival in
Plainwell, Michigan seems to have brought another shift in the anointing.

Evangelist Roger Webb ministered to people in a different way. Actually it began last
Friday with the woman delivered from drug addiction that was mentioned in that update.
Ministering more to the emotional and heart issues moreso than the physical healings.

A woman who was present recieved a touch in the area of past hurts and emotions. She fell
to her knees in a release of tears and pent up emotion, leaving much lighter feeling than
when she came.

As well a man that had been coming from the Gospel Mission in Kalamazoo was being
ministered to by Roger decided that he wanted to accept Christ as his Savior. He also
wanted to be delivered from memories of a past filled with tragedy and death. He too left
a changed person!

It's always an exciting thing to see God at work in the lives of those present. Until the
next update please keep the ministry and the revival in your prayers.

Week 2 - Day 6 - Thursday

This service marked the end of week 2 of the Plainwell, Michigan miracle revival hosted
by pastor Dave Alderman and Plainwell Assembly of God. Both he and Evangelist Roger Webb
are excitedly looking toward week 3.

Roger was speaking into the next week of revival services tonight, calling things into
existence with his message tonight, elevating the faith of those present. There has been
a marked sense of faith in the regular attendees, but tonight seemed to bring it out more
than ever.

One dear lady present was set free from drug addiction and self hatred over her addiction
when Roger prayed for her. She gave her testimony, it was a powerful story of redemption
and the power of God at work in her life. She left the service a different person.

For week 3 the services will be running Tuesday thru Friday night unlike the first 2
weeks that ran 6 nights a week. Please keep the upcomming services in your prayers.
They're much appreciated.

Week Two - Day - 5

Tonights service was charged with a spirit of worship. Not that each night of the revival
hasn't been a time of worship, but, tonight it was much stronger.

Present was an elderly couple who said they both came to recieve healing tonight. They
both did. Roger prayed for him first, he had a bad back, knees, elbows. After hands were
laid upon him he immediately started moving without pain!

His wife's story begins much differently. She had been suffering from emphysema, had one
lung removed, and had a pacemaker. During the preaching she began to cough up phlegm.
Which was remarkable since she had just visited the doctor and he gave her the report
that there was nothing that could be done for her lungs. When Roger prayed, she fell to
the floor and after a minute or two began to cough up the rest of the phlegm. At the end
of the service she testified that her lung felt clear and that was unbelieveable for her.
But, she did believe it could happen.

Sorry for the delay in getting this day 5 update sent to your inbox. Please keep this
revival in your prayers.

Week Two - Day 4 - Wednesday

Tonight it was officially anounced that the revival will continue for a third week! It
doesn't seem right to shut the revival down when the Holy Spirit is so evidently present!

Evangelist Roger Webb built upon the foundation of teaching on faith and Trusting God.
Bringing an offering teaching from the story of Gideon that was equally unique and

There was a thirteen year old girl present tonight who recieved a healing. She for a year
has had stomach cramps and pain daily, to the puzzlement of doctors who couldn't figure
out what was wrong. When Roger prayed for her she instantly had a release from the pain.
She left the service with no pain!

Just after that Roger prayed for the girl's mother who was healed in her knees. She was
in pain and couldn't walk or sit down without discomfort was doing both pain free! She
felt what she called a "sparkly wave" come over her body when hands were laid on her.

Until tomorrow please keep us in your prayers.

Week Two Day 3 - June 13th

During the day Pastor Dave Alderman and Evangelist Roger Webb went out on the streets in
Downtown Kalamazoo, Mich to pray for people and let them know what's been taking place.
As they were talking to one woman Roger prayed for her and she was healed of arthritis in
her arms and legs.

In tonights service it was announced that the revival will be extended on through Friday
night instead of ending Wednesday night. It wouldn't seem right to close when the Holy
Spirit is moving powerfully. Roger and Pastor Dave have both felt this way. As do the

As the Word was being preached Roger was interrupted by a woman on the front row. He,
thinking she was just wanting to put her two cents in on what he was saying asked her to
wait. But she was insistent.. So Roger went and spoke to her, she was saying that the
woman beside her had a tumor dissappear from her leg while Roger preached! Without hands
laid upon her! She got up and testified that it was about the size of a golf ball! This
goes to show that being in the very room with the anointing is all that's needed.

Also the man whose knee was healed Monday night testified again that he was completely
healed! When he walked into the sacntuary without the cane many people were excited and
glad to see it. That alone built the faith of quite a few present.

It's hard to imagine what will happen in the few extra nights scheduled for the revival!

Daily Miracle Revival Update: Special Edition- The Miracles

Each night we've given you a sampling of the miracles that have taken place during the
revival in Plainwell Michigan with Evangelist Roger Webb and Plainwell Assembly of God.
Today we'd like to give you a digest of sorts for the miracles that have taken place.

They're in no particular order.

Woman healed of bone spurs on spine (She had it for 6 years), and growth on her neck
disappeared (it was the size of a small egg).

Man healed of Multiple Sclerosis (had for 17 years)

Woman healed of degenerative arthritis in her hips (she called friend and friend was
healed of bone spurs on spine also)

Man healed of injured knee (came in walking on cane left carrying it!)

Woman's little finger healed

Man had financial miracle for his business

Woman's wrist and ear healed

Man healed of TMJ (a jaw condition)

Woman healed of digestive problems

This is a small list of some of the miracles/healings that have taken place. We'll give
you more of an update later as reports come in each night!

Week two- Day 2 - Monday

Once again the Holy Spirt has shown Himself powerful in the revival services. With each
passing night the expectation of the people has risen to new levels in faith! Evangelist
Roger Webb is moving under the power of the Spirit in ever increasing levels.

The preaching of the Word has been coming from a deeper place in that there's an
undeniable force behind it. Roger talked about what it would look like if Jesus came to
your house, that the crowds would beat a path to your door expecting Him to give them a
miracle! Relating that to Jesus being present in the church during this revival as well,
that the town of Plainwell, Michigan should be shaken by His power.

There was one man present who came in walking on a cane with obvious difficulty but left
carrying the cane after Roger laid hands upon him! His face shone with suprise and
delight when he realized he was healed!

Each night lives are touched and changed. Whether through healing or by the impartation
of a deeper faith in Christ. It seems that the first week laid a foundation for something
bigger, so far in this second week there's been an increase of faith and expectancy.

We're anticipating the next thing God's going to do!

Week two - Day 1 Sunday

Today Evangelist Roger Webb ministered at the morning and evening services starting week
two of the miracle revival taking place in Plainwell Michigan. The morning service was
powerful in the presence of the Holy Spirit with more healings following. Another
exciting point was when Pastor Dave Alderman called everyone present who had been healed
in the first week to come forward. The front of the church filled with people as they
shared their testimonies!

At the evening service the Holy Spirit came with power during the preaching of His Word.
There was a new level of anointing and excitement present.. at one point the crowd was
going wild with the anointing! Dancing, shouting, singing, and praising!

For the Monday evening service Pastor Dave along with 2 other men will be bringing three
van loads of people from the Gospel Mission in Downtown Kalamazoo, Mich. It will be
exciting to see what God will do with those that come! It's going to be a wonderful time
in the Holy Spirit. Please keep it in your prayers!

If the first services of week two are any indication, there may just be a week three.
We'll wait and see what God does.

Day Six Friday

Friday night the first week of the revival at Plainwell Assembly of God in Plainwell,
Michigan drew to a close. Evangelist Roger Webb and Pastor Dave Alderman both felt the
direction of the Holy Spirit in continuing the revival. If this service was an indication
of things to come in week two it should be a power packed time.

Being a Friday night seemed to loosen the crowd up quite a bit. From the start there
seemed to be an even greater excitement with the people. The Holy Spirit came during the
preaching by Roger in the form of great power behind the message. He preached of the
things he sees coming for the Church in the future. Without going into great detail let's
just say that exciting things lie ahead!

This first week has been one of empowerment to those present. Not only in the teaching
about faith and miracles but in seeing the miracles and lives changed. It seemed to take
everyone's faith to new heights! Waking them up to the power of God in their daily lives.
Making one expect the unexpected at any time, and seeing it!

As this is being typed the first service of the second week is underway. We'll give you
another report tomorrow on what took place.

Please keep this second week in your prayers and thoughts!

Plainwell Revival of Miracles EXTENDED to week THREE.
Please note that week three will take on a new schedule. We will be having services

June 20-23

Tuesday - Friday

Day Five: Thursday June 8th

As has been said before it seems that each night takes on it's own personality.
Evangelist Roger Webb taught on the place of an evangelist in the body of Christ using
examples from the book of Acts.

Though the message was eclipsed by the signs following tonight. There was a young man in
attendance who had suffered from TMJ [a jaw condition] for years making it painful and
difficult to move his jaw. When Roger laid hands upon him he instantly began to feel his
jaw loosening. By the end of the evening he was much improved from the way he came.

Another woman who had cancer along with a torn rotator cuff recieved a touch from God.
She was able to move her shoulder and arm without pain after she was prayed for. We can't
be for sure that the cancer was healed but believe [along with her] that there is
something wonderful going on in her body!

Like we said in the prior update the services have been extended to another week.
Starting this Sunday morning and night through Wednesday night. If the Spirit so directs
we will be extending again. Both Roger and Pastor Dave Alderman are ready to go as long
as God wants to.

So, we'll see what happens in a new week!

Day Four: Wed

In preperation for day four of the revival Evangelist Roger Webb along with Pastor Dave
Alderman felt led to take to the streets... Knocking on doors in Plainwell to let the
community know what God has been up to in the services.

They were suprisingly well recieved and had the opportunity to pray with several people.
As a result of their actions 3 people were healed of various conditions. Also there was
greater attendance for the nightly service.

Roger once again picked up with the messages on faith. There seems to be a deepening to
the well of teaching which he has been drawing from. Stirring many who attended to
believe that they were indeed healed, set free, and empowered to do the work God has for

There was one lady in particular who had her finger healed. She had injured it several
years ago and had for the most part lost it's use. Without hands even being laid upon her
as she sat in her seat she noticed it was moving when she closed her fist! This took
place while Roger was praying for another woman's hand that was being healed at the very
same time.

One man who had Multiple Sclerosis was beleved to be healed. While out under the power of
the Holy Spirit his big toe stopped trembling [which is a symptom of MS]. We're awaiting
official word on the verification of this miracle. He left feeling completly different
than how he came!

In other news, the revival has been extended to another week. More details to come.

God IS moving.. lives are being changed

Day Three: Tuesday

Once again the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt as day 3 of the revival drew to a
close. Evangelist Roger Webb delivered another simple yet profound message with one
simple theme. WE WIN!

When Jesus hung upon the cross and gave His life up by saying "It is finished" We were
the ones who won. All those generations ago it was forever sealed. We are winners through
the work of the Cross.

As Roger delivered this message the crowd was moved by the Spirit in obvious ways. Many
lives were touched by this truth and the following altar call urging each of us to step
into the completeness of the finsihed work of Jesus.

Each night has seemed to have it's own "theme" if you will, yet maintaining a flow. It's
been as if each night picked up minutes after the one before. The Word is being preached
and signs are following. But more important than the signs in themselves... lives are
being changed by the power of God.

Day two: Monday

As it moved on to day two there seemed to be a shift of the anointing in the air. The
presence of God was displayed through a new level of teaching. A fresh word was brought
forth by Evangelist Roger Webb. The people were inspired by a message delivered from Mark
chapter 5.

Sharing the stories of Jairus' daughter and the woman with the issue of blood. Roger
brought out the point that we need to Trust and not fear as Jesus instructed Jairus upon
hearing the news of his daughters' death. And the subsequent resurrection of his daughter
showing how God comes in and works when we have faith over fear and worry.

Later as Roger ministered he brought up a valuable seed of truth we could all use. That
we should get out of the habit of expecting to recieve from the Lord in the same way each
day. Instead just to relax in His presence allowing Him to take us where he desires.

All in all God is moving with the preaching of the Word and the healing of the sick. Last
night reminded us all to not expect the Holy Spirit the same way each time. It gives one
an expectation of newness for each service.

Makes you wonder what God will do next?

Day one: Sunday

The mighty power of God was witnessed as Evangelsit Roger Webb ministered to the sick
during the first services of the Miracle Revival that is now taking place in Plainwell,

After preaching a powerful message, the faithfulness of God was witnessed as signs and
wonders started taking place. Miracles/healings was the order after Roger gave a word of
knowledge concerning those suffering with neck conditions. Another word was given
concerning those suffering with knee problems. The front of the church filled up with
those responding, and once again, the power of God fell upon those being ministered to.
One testimony after another was given as those being prayed for was healed by the mighty
power of God.

It does not take one very long before you realize, God is on the move in these services.

Don't miss a single service during this week of meetings.

Prayer for the sick, diseased, and afflicted nightly!

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