Roger Webb: Preacher in the Wild

Welcome to my world of signs, wonders, miracles  and the great outdoors. I will be coming to you with messages that will stir your heart. My pulpit  maybe my tree stand, a ground blind, a Cyprus stump in the middle of a swamp or in a building full of people but my goal is the same, to minister to you the good news both publicly and house to house, testifying both to the  believer and non-believer repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus. 

Roger has an exciting Facebook Page that is family oriented 
promoting hunting, fishing and the great outdoor. 

My name is Roger Webb A.K.A. Roger Webb Preacher in the Wild. I am a minister with a national healing ministry and avid hunter.  I have been doing both for over 40 years. I have a vision to combine both my passion for the outdoors and my love for God and his people in a program that will reach out in a unique way to help advance the gospel and the great outdoors.  A totally family oriented program geared to wholesome adventures and showing God’s miracle power as He sets captives free from whatever struggles they are dealing with.  


To grab people’s attention I will use hunting as my main focus then add other wild outdoor adventures as a platform to share timeless biblical truths.  Imagine a reality “type” show of me wading through a swamp dodging cottonmouth snakes, alligators and other creatures, hunting, fishing, riding on airboats, swamp buggies, flying in a small airplane, fishing for largemouth bass, trapping wild hogs, fishing the Columbia River in Oregon for salmon, hunting alligators, gigging frogs out of an airboat, shooting wild hogs out of a helicopter and many other action packed adventures, bringing out the redneck side of Roger Webb, mixing in some humor, while addressing the seriousness of real life.


This will not be a typical “hunting / adventure” show.  Often within the program I will take the viewer into a live miracle service where God’s power is being released and modern day miracles are taking place. I will show videos as I pray for the sick. You will watch as the lame walk, pain and suffering vanish as the power of God invades those suffering and many other miracles as God moves through the crowd. We show the world God’s power in action. I will show testimonies as the people tell in their own words how God has changed their life. Nothing staged — 100% real life experiences.


This will be a faith-based program with a unique twist.  A variety of events that will be very interesting and noticeably unique that will leave those watching looking forward to next weeks program. Each program I will give up-lifting thoughts from the Word of God and speak hope into the viewers. I will pray for the sick and miracles will take place as the power of God flows through media. 

Roger Webb: Preacher in the Wild

Roger Webb
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